Our Clients

Since its inception in 2001, over 200 colleges and universities throughout the country have implemented the Alumni Attitude Study© (AAS), and many of these institutions have used the process two or more times.  The AAS’s clients include universities and colleges of all sizes, geographic location, and affiliations.  Whether a public, private, faith-based, Liberal Arts, large or small institution, the AAS is applicable to all. The AAS brings focus to each client’s needs, and addresses specific measures to help create increased engagement, communication, and giving from their alumni.  As the premier method for gathering alumni feedback and translating data into action, the Study continues to grow in popularity across the country.  The AAS helps institutions further their relationships with the institution’s most valuable stakeholders, their alumni.  The AAS is not a “survey.”  Rather, it is a process of engagement and partnership between an institution and its alumni.  That’s part of the unique nature of the Study; treating “feedback” for exactly what it is – an interactive communications exercise – which ultimately is the source of significant opportunity for our clients.

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