Participant Success Stories

Learn how other institutions have used the Study to improve their alumni satisfaction.

“We expected the information we got back from the survey to be valuable to us as we prioritized programs and set strategy for the upcoming years.  The thing that we didn’t see coming, and in many ways our most significant result, is the goodwill we got from alumni when we shared the results with them via email and a posting of the findings online. I did not anticipate the level of support, expressed via email and personal contacts that I got from our alumni community for this effort.”

Dan Rodriguez,
Executive Director of the University of Oregon Alumni Association

“One particular way in which institutions are able to utilize their results is engaging future alumni – current students.  Utilizing their attitudinal data, Winthrop officials identified a need to reinforce their brand on campus.  By sponsoring “Garnett and Gold Day,” an annual event that awards the most spirited students, the Alumni Association was able to link its brand with increased school spirit and positive energy on campus.”

Debbie Garrick
Director of Alumni Relations, Winthrop University 

“When Association officials at Plymouth State University learned that current students and new alumni were both active participants in the university’s intramurals program, they jumped at the chance to increase their brand awareness on-campus.  Their survey results revealed that participation in intramurals had a significant lasting effect on former students, and that they reflected fondly on these activities.  Armed with this information, the Association staff immediately went to work getting involved with intramurals.  They supplied water bottles and towels (featuring logos and other branding devices of the Association) to all participants.  By connecting with current students on issues and activities they feel most strongly about, Plymouth St. significantly increased its chances of engaging them as alumni down the road.”

Joe Long
Director of Alumni Relations, Plymouth State University

Alumni Feedback Fundamentals

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Everything needs to be actionable
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Enhance brand/image recognition
  • Increase alumni partnership
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