When you understand alumni preferences and target messages to their interests, you add poignancy and power to your annual fund program, increasing its effectiveness.  The Alumni Attitude Study identifies key drivers of loyalty for alumni of all eras.

Sending a blanket appeal to all alumni segments is both inefficient and ineffective.  Communicating with alumni solely based on their giving history can turn them off as well.  Only when you deliver targeted messages to specific segments, showing that you understand what they care about, will you reach them effectively and increase their participation in your annual fund campaign.

Communicate with your alumni based on what was going on in the world when they attended school, and you significantly increase your chances of engaging them over the long term.

Intent to Give and Promote

Even non-givers regularly promote the university – learn how to better engage them while encouraging participation.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Increase loyalty and giving by customizing your campaigns based on alumni preference.

Annual Fund Telethons

Increase alumni giving by scripting your messages to appeal to specific alumni preferences and interests.

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