Data Driven Results

Using Results

Let your alumni know you hear them.  Act on their feedback.

The Alumni Attitude Study strengthens your relationship with alumni by revealing both their diverse opinions and the important steps you need to take to meet their needs.

  • Prioritize communications and programs so that they maximize each alum’s loyalty, participation, and propensity to give.
  • Integrate alumni opinion into all your university activities – in-house, across campus, and around the world.
  • Build communications, programming, and development efforts with content that alumni identify as important.

“We now have facts about what alumni want, and we are collaboratively working on how to use those facts to best target communications and programs to their high value touch points.  Our whole conversation shifted as a result of this survey process.”

Scott Mory, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations, University of Southern California

After the data; after the analysis – now what?

  • Close the partnership loop – feedback
  • Maximize your leverage from events
  • Generate current engagement through focus on future alumni
  • Engage the whole campus
  • Target communications