Why Alumni Research is Important

Why Alumni Research is Important

Assessing Attitudes of Alumni

There are specific drivers and motivators that cause alumni to become and/or not be engaged. By closely identifying trends and attitudes towards these areas, institutions can be more targeted in their outreach and better communicate the value of staying engaged and/or giving back to the institution.

Engages Alumni Directly

Using the AAS provides an opportunity for thousands of alumni to provide feedback directly to the institution about their student and alumni experience and perceptions about the university and the current alumni relations efforts. Having this opportunity, you are directly engaging alumni in the life of the university.

Increases campus-wide support for alumni relations

Having data from the institution’s most valuable stakeholders (alumni) can and should be important to all departments on campus.  By using the AAS, alumni professionals have the ability to enhance their relationship with other departments across campus and create a more cooperative and unified effort to provide the best possible outreach and communications to alumni.

Enhances the Alumni Partnership Model©

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