Benefits to Participants

Alumni Attitude Study© Outcomes:

  • Develops an intentional culture of philanthropy
  • Better defines your target market for increased engagement
  • Enhances strategic branding opportunities


Increased Partnering

The Study engages alumni in a conversation that shows your sincere interest in their opinions, not merely their donations. Your actions, based on their responses, reinforce your commitment to a lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship with all alumni.

Improved Strategic Orientation

Participants gather critical information for better strategic planning.   You will identify key motivators for specific alumni segments and uncover high-impact touch points to use when crafting your communications. In addition, you will have the opportunity to compare your findings to a group of similar institutions selected from our over 300 clients.

Leadership within the University

When it proves itself a reliable representative of alumni views – through objective, measurable, rather than subjective, anecdotal evidence – an alumni association or alumni relations office establishes itself as a clearinghouse of alumni opinion and plays a more influential role within the university at large.

Resource Optimization

The identifying and prioritizing nature of the Study results inform and guide decisions on the best use of your resources for maximum return on investment.

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