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Turn attitudes and perceptions into actionable data.

Data Driven Results

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With responses from over half a million alumni at over 250 universities and colleges, no one else in the industry can provide you the amount of comparable data that we can.

Peer Benchmarking

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“The Alumni Attitude Study may be the most important planning exercise we have engaged in. It was thorough and practical in approach and performance. It has generated a multitude of great ideas for moving our association forward, and it validated what many of us had been thinking for some time about the direction we need to take.”
Rick DuBose
Assistant VP, Alumni Relations; Executive Director, Alumni Association
Western Kentucky University

Success Stories

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Alumni want to know that their degree is more valuable to them today than it was when they graduated.

Equity of Degree

More than 250 universities and associations have used the Alumni Attitude Study to increase alumni engagement.  No other market research program offers this breadth of alumni data, depth of statistical analysis, and actionable findings.  This industry tested, cost-effective program offers your institution the tools to improve alumni satisfaction and prioritize your budget by identifying valued programs and providing key talking points targeted communications.

Redefining engagement by turning alumni feedback into action.

We can help you...


Engage alumni segments by targeting your communications to their opinions and feedback


Understand alumni attitudes, opinions and giving trends and you’ll become a more active and respected advocate for your alumni.


Measure alumni program performance based on participation and satisfaction.


Determine which issues drive university loyalty and financial support and prioritize your efforts.


Analyze, compare and benchmark your results against other institutions.


Improve alumni relations and you’ll strengthen school loyalty and increase alumni donations.

Services we offer


Collect actionable data that provides insight into what motivates your alumni and how you can speak to those motivations.  Gives you an opportunity to let your alumni know that their opinions matter to you.  By having strong comparable data from similar institutions, we are able to provide context and validation to your data.


Dive deep into your understanding of a specific area of concern in your engagement efforts.  Measure and track changes in attitudes and perceptions over time, and gauge the success of specific initiatives.


We can work with any type of organization to create a customized instrument to measure stakeholder attitudes, opinions, motivations, and concerns.  We have conducted projects directed at employees, student organizations, parents, Greek organizations, secondary schools, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and others.  We can design a project to meet your organization’s specific needs.


We can help you devise and implement programs and draft directed communications that address the issues specific to your stakeholders.

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